We believe that if you own a dog, either a pet or a police dog that your dog should know 2 things.
1. You are the pack leader!
2. The rules are not negotiable.
Most pet owners have their dogs for the sheer enjoyment of owning a pet and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you don't establish yourself as the pack leader and define your dogs place in the family, he/she will do it for you. Dogs are pack oriented and when you bring one home you are inviting the dog into your "pack". If you don't establish the pack dominance (define the pecking order) for your dog, he/she will assume the vacancy. Establish rules for the dog, in the house, in the yard and in the car. There are no set rules for living with a dog other than what you are comfortable with. Each household differs a bit but you must define what you will tolerate and what you won't.
Obedience Classes.
Currently we do private lessons here at the kennel Mon-Sat
The classes teach basic obedience, pack dominance and cover any problems you may encounter. These classes are geared for puppies 4 mos. to a year. The classes are once a week for 6 weeks. New classes begin when we have a minimum 5 students. Applications may be picked up and dropped off at the kennel.

Private lessons are available to those who have older dogs and are looking for more advanced training.
Here is some general information about our training program. "Level" ratings were designed by pet stores to categorize their training programs, and to keep you coming back and paying more. Each place and location may have a different achievement level, it is not universal. Our training program does not do levels, we do puppy and adult classes. Both classes are comprehensive courses that are designed to have a dog/puppy that can walk quietly on the leash without pulling, to sit when you stop, to sit stay for one minute, down stay for 3 minutes and come when called ( on leash). Your dog will be able to do this around distractions of other dogs and noises. We do not have you come back for 2 or 3 different "levels". We do have advance classes, service dog training (yes we can certify our service dog program), and train you for competition in AKC or Schutzhund. We have a nationally recognized club with Schutzhund USA, and you can join our Schutzhund club if your dog can pass the equivalent of our basic obedience course. We can help you obtain world recognized titles, not arbitrary recognized "levels". Come see us.ūüėä

For those of you looking for more advanced training we have a SchHund club that meets 
every Saturday night @ 7pm here at the kennel. 
Come and watch
" Friend and Protector"
02-17-2011  from all your friends you will be missed
Dr. Ysella Carrillo of the Maury County Sheriffs Dept in Tennessee

We train all breeds